About weather station KNVNORTH10


This weather station uses the #6153 Davis Vantage Pro2 Wireless weather station with 24 hour fan aspirated radiation shield.
The console is connected to a PC using the Davis #6510 Serial Data Logger.


Instead of using the provided Davis Weatherlink software, this station runs Cumulus by SandySoft. Cumulus uploads data to Wunderground, CWOP, and Weatherbug.

Cumulus is Windows-based software which is currently running on a low power fanless PC. The components used to build the PC were:

HABEY EMC-600B mini-ITX chassis
ASUS C60M1-I AMD Fusion motherboard
4GB Crucial RAM
OCZ Vertex Plus R2 60GB SSD

The webcam image is captured with a Microsoft Lifecam HD-3000. A scheduled Windows batch file runs periodically to capture a webcam image and upload it to Wunderground's FTP site. Roboteyez captures the image as a BMP file, BMP2JPG converts the BMP to a JPG file, and Windows' built in FTP client runs a script to transfer the file.

The webcam and particularly its driver has proved to be the most troublesome part of the system. I've tried several Windows-based image capture programs and all fail (lose connection to the camera) within a day. If you choose to go this route, DO NOT install Microsoft’s Lifecam software; Just use the bare driver and Roboteyez can do the rest. You may need to script Roboteyez to run twice in a row since it occasionally misses the camera on the first try.